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Track & Control your vehicles in Real Time

Monitor all Stops and Stop times

Monitor all Idling and Idle times

Power ON / OFF your vehicle from your phone

Monitor speeding using Posted Speed Limits

24/7 tracking with your computer or our Android and iOS Mobile Apps

See every turn your vehicle makes

Get a clearer picture of your vehicle’s route

Records all vehicle starts, stops and standstills

Automatically sends alerts for power failure or tampering

Smart Tracking

Mobile Apps

Run reports on the go

Apps offered for both iOS and Android

Set one-time alerts to notify you of movement

Track all your vehicles from your phone/tablet

24/7 text and email alerts

Monitor all activity including after hours use

Alert on speeding, stops, idling, hard turns, heavy braking



Simple, intuitive design

See 125 days of vehicle activity

follow the route your vehicle drove

Multiple reports detailing all your vehicle's activity

Identify aggressive driving habits

Rank drivers according to driving behavior

Monitor hard cornering, heavy braking, and fast acceleration

Driver Safety

Report Scheduler

Automatically receive daily, weekly and monthly reports via email

Saves you time by eliminating need to login and run your most used reports

The most familiar and easy-to-use maps

Use Google Street View to identify where vehicle is stopped

Use Google Traffic to save time by routing around congestion

Real-Time Google Mapping